26 November 2010, Friday

Local people said no to thermal plants in Bartin (Video)

The informing meeting about the thermal plant that has been plant to be built in Bartin could not be realized due to the reaction of the local people. Nearly 2000 people raided the meeting.

Bartin Thermal Plant that has been projected by the HEMA Industry Inc. planned a public information meeting to be held in 24-25 November 2010 in Social Facilities of the County Municipality. The meeting has been raided by the local people and activists.

The protest has been organized by the Bartin Platform. The people who participated to the demonstration carried out placards and chanted slogans that criticize the investor company. The company managers could not enter the meeting hall due to crowd gathering in front of the hall. Protestors shouted slogans saying that "We do not want thermal power plants".

The meeting has been cancelled because of the ongoing protests. The authorized persons from the Ministry of Environment took the statement down about the cancellation of the meeting. At the statement, it is stated that the meeting could not be realized in spite of the fact that police forces took measures.

Bartin Platform is organizing a campaign to protest the next meeting to be held in 29 November 2010.


Labour World