23 June 2010, Wednesday


Workers staged a sit down strike

After waiting for an hour in front of the Assembly, protester workers were able to enter into the parliament with the efforts of BDP deputy Sırrı Sakık. Workers have talked with deputies from BDP and MHP.

Denim sandblasting workers who are demonstrating a sit down strike in front of the Abdi İpekçi Park for their health and social security rights, expressed their frustrations to the political parties which are represented in the Turkish National Assembly. Today workers made their first meetings with the members of BDP and MHP. Group of AKP didn’t give a response to the workers yet. After talking with the deputies, Abdülhalim Demir, representative of the workers, made a statement. He explained that thanks to Sırrı Sakık’s efforts they were able to get into the Assembly. He also said that talks with the deputies were positive.

Demir said that they have met with Oktay Vural, MHP’s vice president, and he has given his word to discuss the issue with the government. Demir continued his words by saying that they were able to meet with Zafer Üskül, president of the human rights commission. “We gave our reports to him and he said that he’ll negotiate the issue with the Minister of labour and social security. We hope we can talk with the representatives of AKP tomorrow”, Demir said.

Tomorrow denim sandblasting workers will have a meeting with CHP. Lots of people including BDP and SDP members visited the workers to support them.


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