30 September 2010, Thursday

Outraged women of Hemsinli make protest (Video)

The informatory meeting for hydroelectric power plant planned to be built in the county Hemsinli, Rize (north of Turkey) has been cancelled due to the protests of the local people.

A meeting has been planned to inform local people about the regulator and hydroelectric power plant to be built in Rize, Hemsinli by the Mars Energy Company. Local people reacted to the meeting. The county municipality also didn't permit the energy company to use their halls for the meeting.

The representatives of the company and the Ministry of Environment and Forest had to leave the county.


People of Hemsin stated that they won't permit the company to destroy their natural environment. They said that "Our ancestors lived in this land. This river is our resource of life. We won't permit them to cut our lifelines. This land won't become a desert. We are here. They can't escape."


Chemistry engineer Hasan Kucuk talked as the spokesman of the local people. He claimed that the government gives water resources to the multinational companies. He said that "If there is water, there is life. Due to the global climate changes, drought is growing day by day. For this reason, considering this risk, water resources should be protected in the country. While planning hydroelectric power plant projects, they suggest the need for energy. But, they risk the other basic needs. When we consider that they plan to make 3 power plants in Hemsinli, the future seems more dangerous."

After the press meeting, local people walked to Hemsin river on which the hydroelectric power plant to be built on. They made local dances and chanted slogans as "The rivers are free, free the rivers!" and "No to hydroelectric power plants".

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