12 October 2010, Tuesday

A longdated action started for Hasankeyf

Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive is an organization formed to stop Ilısu Dam Project to keep the ancient city in Hasankeyf. Within the scope of the activities that are started by the Initiative, there will be realized a camp named as "Hasankeyf Solidarity Camp". The main slogan of the camp is ""

The camp will take place on 11-17 October 2010 in Hasankeyf. The camp has started with a press statement in front of the ancient bridge in Hasankeyf. The representatives from political parties, municipalities, NGO's and activists came to support the camp.


During the press statement, there were placards written "Keep Hasankeyf Alive for Tomorrow", "We Want to See Hasankeyf Alive not in Pictures", "Protect Your Historical Heritage", "Don't Touch Our History". Ipek Tasli read the press statement in the name of the group. Tasli drew attention to the fact that in spite of the positive developments in international scale AKP goverment turned a deaf ear to the protests raised and took it as a matter of pride.

Group deputy chairman of BDP, Bengi Yildiz claimed that this project is the reflection of the governments' approach to the Kurdish people reminding the other dams that are planned to be built in Hasankeyf and Munzur. Emphasizing the fact that all natural resources in the region are exploited, she added that "It is related with the colonial policies of state on language and on cultural issues." "Hasankeyf is not only belong to the local people, Hasankeyf is also belong to all people living in the world. It became a cultural heritage for all people. If the people don't protect this heritage, all the other ancient cities will be submerged" she said.

Following the speeches, a plaque has been hanged written in Kurdish, Turkish, English and Arabic sayingh that: "Welcome to Hasankeyf" accompanied by a folklore show. At the entrance pf the camp, there have been realized a guestbook. Then, the participators marched to the city center for the opening of the place of the Initiative.

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