13 October 2010, Wednesday

Energy Company threatened the villagers and activists

ORYA Energy Company that is discharged with building of the hydroelectric power plant in Kastamonu, Cide. The region is declared as historical site in where the company is planning to built a power plant.

The tension between the villagers and ORYA ENERGY Company reached high. The villagers who are resist to the building of hydroelectric power plant over Devrekani river in Loc Valley are threatened by the officers of energy company. The company destroyed the tents of the villagers and activists.

The ORYA Energy Company said villagers that "We permit you until referandum day. We don't say anything to you. Then, we will handle this afterwards." After referandum day, the company removed the tents at early hours of the morning.

Zafer Kecin from the Platform to Protect Loc Valley stated that they will rebuild their tents across the building site. Kecin said that "The authorized persons from the company has registered a complaint about me. They claimed that I built tents to the site that is belong to the. We checked that the site is belong to the villagers. There is a contradiction. Te company make rumors to deceive public vote."


Kecin claimed that the people dischargd by the company poured shingles to prevent them to reach the tents.  "The site supervisor of the company behaves like bully. They try to afraid us. It proves that in they are afraid of us. We are decisive in our struggle. Even if they destroy our tents for hundreds of times, we will continue to struggle. We will protect our valley. We will struggle until company leave our lands. " he said.


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