12 Mart 2012, Pazartesi

11 workers die in fire in shopping mall construction

Eleven workers died in a fire in a shopping mall construction in the Esenyurt District of Istanbul last night.

A fire with an unknown cause broke out in the three tents where the workers were sleeping. The bodies of the eleven victims who were from Van and Sivas have been sent to the Forensic Medicine Institution.

It has been learned that the construction was being carried out by a subcontracting firm that paid the workers 40 to 65 TL (17 to 27 Euros) a day. A former worker in the same construction and a witness of the incident, Abbas Mendi, noted that the construction company did not take into consideration the workers' demands to change their sleeping places.

Istanbul MP Levent Tüzel has drawn an analogy between the incident and an accident which took place in a dam construction in Adana two weeks ago and commented that the system of subcontracting killed due to the lack of necessary health and safety measures in the workplace.

Five, including the construction supervisor, have been taken into custody in connection with the incident.



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