30 September 2010, Thursday

Arrested police chief will not want his release

Police chief Hanefi Avcı was arrested on Tuesday under an opeartion against an illegal organization, after he was detained the same day.

Police chief Hanefi Avcı was arrested on Tuesday under an opeartion against an illegal organization, after he was detained the same day.

Avcı, former police chief of Eskişehir province was under spotlight of media after he wrote a book titled as "Haliç'te Yaşayan Simonlar." Avcı in his book tells about activities of Turkish gladio as his memoirs and also evaluates the religious community of Fethullah Gülen. Gülen is a scholar living in U.S. and it is alleged that his community's network is highly influential in Turkey. Avcı in his book was alleging that Gülen community seized Turkish state. After writing the book Avcı was pulled back from active duty upon his own demand.

Avcı is accused of assisting illegal "Revolutionary Headquarters" organization. In 2009 a conflict erupted between Orhan Yılmazkaya, alleged member of Revolutionary Headquarters in Istanbul's Bostancı neighborhood. Yılmazkaya, one police and a passer-by died in the conflict. This month under a police operation a group suspects detained for being members to Revolutionary Headquarters, media reports said, leading the police to Avcı.

Avcı would not object to his arrest and not demand for his release, according to daily Hürriyet as he believes the case against him has no legal basis. Avcı was transferred to Silivri prison on Wednesday.

"Fikri Sağlar, the member of a former parliamentary commission on Susurluk scandal said the arrest of Avcı might be a retaliation against the book he wrote. Susurluk scandal erupted after a car crash in 1996 and disclosed relations between mafia police and state."

Interior Minister Beşir Atalay on Tuesday said the procedure against Avcı is a legal procedure. "Probably Istanbul courthouse will apply to his testimony," he said.

Meanwhile police on Tuesday searched the house of Avcı in Eskişehir. Avcı lived in a police lodging in Eskişehir. A prosecutor accompanied the search of police. Meanwhile another unit searched the office of Avcı in Eskişehir which he had not evacuate yet.

Avcı while waiting at Esenboğa airport in Ankara talked to media through phone. "They know I have nothing to do with any organization. This is also [known by state too.] They tapped my phones unlawfully and they were caught red handed. The unlawful tapping exposed in my book. To find a cover they try to make connections. I do not have any connections [with the organization]. The organization is themselves. I do not swallow this and everyone knows [the truth]."

Meanwhile Necdet Kılıç who was arrested under police operation against Revolutionary Headquarters said "I know Avcı. He was my torturer." It was alleged that Avcı was using a telephone line belonging to Kılıç. It was the alleged connection for the police to accuse Avcı. "They tapped my phone line as saying they were tapping someone else's phone line. Thşs tapping is unlawful" said Kılıç upon questions about his phone line.

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