30 April 2010, Friday

Three Turkish cities to host labor films for festival

Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir are preparing to host the fifth International Labor Films Festival in lots of venues.

Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir are preparing to host the fifth International Labor Films Festival in lots of venues. The 10-day festival will start Sunday with a parade in Taksim Square and continue at the Rüya Movie Theater. This year's festival will host 74 films featuring struggles against unsecyred working, from Turkey and the world

The fifth International Labor Films Festival will be organized from May 2 to 10 simultaneously in Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir. Later, the festival will visit all around the country and present the films to audiences throughout the year.

The festival, which aims to feature the life and struggles of laborers in Turkey and the world, and to encourage the making of labor films in the country, is stronger this year with the support of more organizations including the Turkish Cinema Workers Union, Health Workers’ Union, Metal Workers’ Union, Hava-iş Employee Union, Petrol-iş Union, Turkish Doctors Union and Sendika.Org.

The festival will start May 2 at 6 p.m. with the “Traditional Festival Parade” with artists at the Taksim streetcar station, and will continue at the Beyoğlu Yeni Rüya Movie Theater during the night. Also, a cinema worker who will be determined by the Cinema Workers Union will be presented a plaque.

As part of the festival, there will be a conference titled “LaborComm: International Worker and Communication Conference” on May 3 and 4 at the Ankara Contemporary Arts Center. The two-day conference will also be screened live through the website www.sendika.tv.

This year the festival’s theme will highlight unsecured working and struggles against it. Seventy-four new and classical films, 50 from Turkey and 24 from around the world, will be shown during the festival. Among these films, Aki Kaurismaki’s legendary film “Shadows in Paradise,” Hana Makhmalbaf’s “Buddha Collapse Out of Shame,” Shane Meadow’s “Somers Town,” Emir Kusturica’s “Maradona,” Tokachi Tsuchiya’s “A Normal Life, Please!” and Amelie Cabocel and Estelle Fenech’s “May (Mory) 68” are the notable ones.

The festival will also screen three of its own productions as well as 13 Tekel (Tobacco and Alcohol Monopoly of Turkey) films due to the special importance of the Tekel struggle. Turkish films by Murat Utku, Filiz Gazi, Elif Ergezen, Anita Oğurlu & Ahmet Öncü will be shown for the first time. Also, Iranian director Macid Macidi, British filmmaker John Cunnigham, Turkish Cypriot unionist and documentary maker Eleftherios Georgiadis will be among the foreign guests.

The gala of Turkish director Metin Yeğin’s feature film “D” will be held as part of the festival. The galas will be on May 4 in Ankara, May 7 in İzmir and May 8 in Istanbul. Yeğin, who is known for his documentaries featuring social actions in the world’s various geographies, tells about the escape from Metris Prison in 1988 in his first feature film. The film stars Nebil Sayın, Selim Akgül, Mustafa Diyar Demirsoy and Turgay Tanülkü.

The fifth International Labor Films Festival also remembers visually handicapped viewers. Turkish films “Başka Dilde Aşk” (Love in Another Language) and “Karpuz Kabuğundan Gemiler Yapmak” (Boats Out of Watermelon Rinds) will be screened for them.


As part of this year’s festival, there are many events in the field of photography. An exhibition titled “Emek Movie Theater to Squares from 1980 to 2010, 30 Years of May 1” will open in three cities with the organization of the Ankara Photography Artists Association, or AFSAD, Galata Photography House, Photography Academy, Photography Association, Red Photography and the İzmir Photography Art Association. The exhibition features May 1 events since 1987 with documents.

There will also be photographs showing May 1 celebrations form 1988 to 2009. Photos from 2010 will be presented with a slide show in the exhibition hall.

Screening venues will be Beyoğlu Movie Theater, French Culture Center, Istanbul Bar Orhan Adli Apaydın Hall, Sinesen Şişhane Hall, Environmental Engineers Chamber, Öteki Culture and Arts, Kadıköy Halkevi, Kazım Koyuncu Culture Center, Istanbul Halkevi and Kar in Istanbul; Batı Movie Theater, German Culture Center, Contemporary Arts Center, Sakarya Square in Ankara; İzmir Fair İsmet İnönü Culture Center and İzmir Fair Gençlik Theater in İzmir. All screenings in the festival will be free of charge.

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