10 July 2010, Saturday

Police attacked UPS workers (Video)

On the 62nd day of their resistance, fired UPS workers have been attacked by the police. UPS workers had been fired because they joined TÜMTİS.

Yesterday was the 62nd day of the protests of the 89 fired UPS workers (now a total of 120 have been fired), who used their constitutional rights and joined a union to improve working conditions. The special operation unit of the police force attacked the workers in the picket line yesterday, and dismantled their tents. Two of the workers, Murat Baba and Çağdaş Kordanı were injured during the attack. The injured workers were taken to hospital and were given medical leave for a week. Çayan Durun, head of TÜMTİS’s İstanbul regional branch informed the journalists that they will file a legal complaint. Durun also said that the workers are determined to continue their resistance despite the police attack.

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