29 July 2010, Thursday


Strike if no collective bargaining agreement!

Workers of the Kadikoy Municipality, also members of the Genel-Is Union, have started a strike since their talks with the governor of Kadikoy, Selami Ozturk, did not result in a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). After 7 days of strike, workers gained. CBA is signed with 9 percent raise in wages and 245 Turkish Liras social assistance payment.

On July 19th, workers gathered in front of the Kadikoy Matrimonial Office, and marched to the General Directorate of the Kadikoy Municipality, despite police attempts to block the march. During the march, workers chanted slogans like “budget for the laborers, not for the subcontractors”, “Collective Bargaining Agreement is our right, we will take it no matter what!”, and “solidarity of the workers will win over the capital!”.

After the march, Sahan Ilseven, directorate of the first office of Genel-Is, and Huseyin Yaraman, directorate of the office of education of Genel-Is gave speeches.  Both speakers criticized the uncompromising attitude of the municipality despite their willingness to negotiate. They also said that they would continue the strike until their demands are met.

Of the 477 members of the Genel-Is Union, 407 of them are on strike (70 workers are not subjects of the current agreement under negotiation). After the speeches, workers moved to the picket line.


Kadıköy Municipality workers‘ strike which was organized by Public Service Workers Union (Genel-İş Sendikası) has ended on its 7th day with a collective agreement. According to the agreement signed between the municipality and union, for first year 9 percent rise will be paid and 245 Turkish liras will be paid as social assistance payment.

İstanbul - Labour World