29 July 2010, Thursday

Half a lemon: 10 years in prison

Dogan Ekinci was detained last year for the charges of participating in an illegal rally in Cizre. Half of a lemon found in his pocket was considered “evidence” and he was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment.

On December 5th, 2009, Dogan Ekinci was detained for participating in a rally protesting the maltreatment of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in prison. Half of a lemon and a “puşi” (traditional scarf decorated with small checks and associated with Kurdish movement and Palestinian intifada) found with Ekinci constituted “strong physical evidence for suspect for crime” and he was arrested for charges of “belonging an illegal organization”, “creating propaganda for an illegal organization”, and to violate the “Laws Regarding Demonstrations and Rallies”.

Written testimonies of the 14 police officers that witnessed the act were found to be identical. Lawyers of the defendant called for police testimonies to be inadmissable but were rejected on the grounds that the testimonies would not make a change in the decision of the court.

Dogan Ekinci, along with Halil Oktay and Yilmaz Guvenc were sentenced to 10 years and one month of imprisonment.

Labour World