02 August 2010, Monday

It's not fate; it's 100% crime!

The Office of Inspection of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security released its report on the investigation into the May 17th mine explosion in Zonguldak.


The report emphasized negligence on preventive measures, as well in actions taken after the explosion, "we found that, with the exception of a telephone, there is no communication system between the control station and the mine. The company only conducted superficial training with the engineers working at the control station. There was no periodic training, either" said the report, implying the company was aware employed personnel that did not have the required training to work at the control station, yet still continued operations.

The report also mentioned that the workers who died as a result of the explosion were not wearing gas masks.  "We found that there were not enough masks in the workplace, and there were no auditing system to ensure workers would wear the masks".

In the conclusion, Turkish Coal Institute (TTK) was found 30% at fault, and Yapı-Tel, the company running the mine was found 70% at fault.

The report launched by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security also brought attention back to the speech of Prime Minister Erdoğan given in the aftermath of the incident. Recep. Tayip Erdoğan said, "my brothers who choose to be in this line of work, choose it knowing such incidents can always happen"; he said, "there is no need for exaggeration in this situation, the people of Zonguldak are used to incidents like this".

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