31 August 2010, Tuesday

International action to back UPS workers

Transport workers across the world are holding a day of action to ram home the message to UPS managers that the sacking of 157 workers in Turkey will not go unnoticed.

The workers were dismissed following an organising drive by the ITF-affiliated union Türkiye Motorlu Tasit Isçileri Sendikasi (TUMTIS); on 2 July, the conflict escalated in Izmir when it was reported that the manager of a UPS sub-contractor pulled out a gun and started shooting at protesting workers.

The unionists are organising mass actions outside UPS operations and other locations around the world on 1 September, following a resolution pledging support for the dismissed workers, which was passed at the ITF congress in Mexico earlier this month. The activists are calling for the reinstatement of the workers, an end to UPS's hostile anti-union approach in Turkey. They are also demanding that management establish sound industrial relations. Unions in countries across all continents have committed to participate in the action day - from Argentina, Hong Kong and the Netherlands to South Africa and the US.

Kenan Ozturk, TUMTIS president, commented: "UPS workers in Turkey face aggression. International support will send a clear message to UPS that anti-union activity is not acceptable. Global workers' solidarity will defeat employers' attacks."

In addition to taking part in the global action, ITF affiliates are being urged to write letters of protest to UPS chief executive officer and chairman of the board Scott Davies, based at the company's head office in the US. They are also being asked to take other actions - for more information visit:


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