21 September 2010, Tuesday

The Second International Action Day for UPS Workers

After the action day on September 1st, laborers around the world again were on the streets on September 15th for the action day for UPS workers coordinated by the International Transportation Federation (ITF).

Photo Gallery: The Second International Action Day for UPS Workers

UPS workers in Turkey demonstrated in front of the UPS headquarters in Istanbul. Supporters from around the world were also present during the demonstration.

Turkey's Road Transport Union's (TÜMTİS) made a public release on the 134th day of the resistance of the UPS workers with the participation of the UPS workers and their families. ITF had decided during the its 2010 general meeting in Mexico to have international action days on September 1st and 15th to show solidarity with the UPS workers in Turkey.

During the meeting, president of TÜMTİS Kenan Öztürk said: " We were here on September 1st, and we said that we would continue our actions on September 15th unless the laid off workers are hired back by the UPS. Since these workers still did not get back their jobs, we are again here today.  And we won't stop our resistance till the pressures stop. Right now, there are demonstrations in so many countries around the world for the support of UPS workers in Turkey. We ask the Prime Minister, how come he ignores the UPS workers that are fired just because they wanted to use their constitutional rights and joined a union?"

Öztürk ended his speech after he thanked all the organizations that supported their struggle and also mentioned that they will appeal to the Ministry of Labor in coming days.

The support actions for UPS workers in Turkey also took place in many countries around world including Norway, Argentine, Belgium, Australia, and USA.

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