30 September 2010, Thursday

Limak purchased a strategically important harbor in Middle East

Iskenderun Harbor in where located on the opening door of the Southeast Anatolia to the Middle East export markets is purchased by Limak. Limak is the supplier company of USA during the occupation of Iraq.

Limak Inc. gave the highest tender for the Harbor. The operational rights of the Harbor has been transferred to the Limak Inc. for 372 million dollars. Iskenderun Harbor that is belong to the Directorate of State Railways Company has been handed over to the Limak by the transfer of operational rights for 36 years.

During the final bargaining meeting that is moderated by the vice president of Privatisation Administration Ahmet Aksu, firstly the sealed bids have been received. During this phase, the highest offer was 160 million dollars. At the end of this process, the open bidding began and Limak Inc. and Kumport Harbor Services Inc. gave their offers. At the end of the open bidding phase, Limak Inc. gave the highest tender with 372 million dollars.


Iskenderun Harbor where is located in the northeast of Mediterranean is the most strategic harbor in Middle East. The harbor have a strategic role for the Middle East countries to reach to foreign markets. Because of the harbor is a transshipping port, it is the port openning to the Middle East export markets.

The harbor have a connection both with railways and highways. The harbor also has a grain elevator with a capacity of 60 thousand tons that is belong to the Soil Products Office. The harbor also has an ore conveyor that has a loading speed of 350 tons per hour and discharge velocity of 250 tons per hour.

The harbor has been visited by the USA delegations during the resignation of USA officials from Iraq.

During the privatisation auctions Limak Inc. played an important role. Member of Board of Directors of Limak Inc., Ebru Ozdemir said that "Iskenderun was always an important harbor strategically in history. Because of the lack of necessary investments, the harbor couldn't be used as  an container harbor. But, we aim to extend the harbor gradually. Because, the harbor is very important both for Turkey and the other countries in the region. We aim to extend its capacity. The harbor is close to Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Iran. There is a huge potential."


One of the biggest tender that has been won by Limak Inc. is the transferring of Sabiha Gokcen Airport's operational rights for 20 years.  The company won the tender in exchange for 1,932 milliard dollars.

During the privatisation of distribution and sale of electric energy, Limak also won the tender of Turkey Electric Distribution Company (TEDAŞ) in exchange for 9490 million dollars.

The holding that is belong to Nihat Ozdemir is the supplier of the cements of Iraq.

The holding has cement factories in southeast of Turkey in Mardin, Kurtalan, Bitlis, Gaziantep, Ergani and Sanlıurfa. The holding raised the capacities of the factories after Iraq occupation. Thanks to the state and military tender, the holding grew too fast. The company services to building works of the bases of NATO and military facilities.


Strategically important harbors are sold out in Turkey respectively in 1997-2010. The harbors that are privatised in this duration are as follows:

Mersin Harbor: 2005

The biggest harbor in Turkey that are belong to the State Railways Company has been handed over PSA-AKFEN Inc. for 36 years. Operational rights of the Harbor has been transferred to PSA-AKFEN Inc. in exchange for 755 million dollars.

Samsun Harbor: 2008

Ceynak Logistics gave the highest offer for the operational rights of Samsun Harbor. The Harbor has been handed over for 36 years to the Ceynak Logistics for 125.2 million dollars.

Bandirma Harbor : 2008

Celebi Joint Venture Company gave the highest offer for the operational rights of Bandirma Harbor that is belong to the State Railways Company. Bandirma Harbor has been handed over in exchange for 175.5 million dollars to Celebi Joint Venture Company.

Derince Harbor: 2007

Derince Harbor has been handed over to Turkerler Joint Venture Company for 36 years in exchange for 195.25 million dollars.

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