30 September 2010, Thursday

Sample lawsuit for sandblasting workers

Thousands of sandblasting workers are exposed to silicosis disease. Though the Ministry of Labour banned sandblasting of jeans in 2009, the illegal workplaces ignores this decision. It is estimated that 3-5 thousands people have contracted silicosis.

Yilmaz Dımbır (32) who have been worked for 7 years uninsured in Istanbul has been diagnosed with silicosis. He sued a case against Social Security Institution since 2005. He won his legal struggle at the end of 5,5 years. It broke a new ground in Turkey in this subject. The lawsuit will be a sample for other sandblasting workers.

Yılmaz Dıbır began sandblasting in 17 years of age in Istanbul. In 2001, silicosis catched him. But, he has been diagnosed with silicosis after 3 years of illness because of not having any social security. 

Dımbır sued a case to the employer and Social Security Institution in 2005. At the end of the lawsuit, he has been justified. His incapacity for work has been decided, so he will be paid for 565 TL. monthly. 

Test Case for 15 thousands people

The lawyer of Dımbır, Ali Osman Odabas said that "Yılmaz Dıbır is our first and single friend who wins  his rights at the end of the legal process. This decision will pioneer 15 thousands silicosis patients who don't demand justice. For this reason, we are happy for the result."

550 workers are registered as silicosis patients. But, it is estimated that 3 thousands sandblasting workers are patients of silicosis. Until this day, 43 sandblasting workers are died because of silicosis. Ministry of Labor banned sandlasted jeans in 2009. But sandblasting of jeans is still continuing in illegal workplaces.