12 October 2010, Tuesday

'Unionized' Trade Unions

14 branches of trade unions affiliated to Turk-Is, DISK and KESK in İzmir have unionized named as İzmir Trade Unions' Unity. The unity announced its establishment with a support demonstration for the laid-off UPS workers who are in resistance nowadays.

Elif Cuhadar from Egitim-Sen (Education and Science Worker's Union) read the press statement in the name of the Unity. She said that "The assaults of capitalist system on working classes increase day by day. All workers organized in a union or not experience these systematic assaults in all sectors."

She added that "As İzmir Trade Unions' Unity, we won't our worker brothers alone. We will struggle with them for exploited labour and human dignity.

She also claimed that it is experienced in practice that the workers from the similar sectors whose struggle get stuck in localities wouldn't be successful. Then, she said "We should learn from the lessons of TEKEL (tobacco monopoly of the state) workers' struggle against the privatization.  They united their forces to win their rights."


Cuhadar attached addressing the other trade unions "We call out all trade unions' branches uniting and struggling against the assaults of the capitalist system. Under the umbrella of İzmir Trade Unions' Unity, this form of struggle would be more powerful and effective."

İzmir - Labour World

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