29 June 2010, Tuesday


ESF 2010 gets underway on July, 1st

6th edition of European Social Forum will be held in Istanbul between July 1st and July 4th. The organization which is supported by hundreds of institutions from 36 countries will seek ways for “another Europe!”

Forum inviters want to turn ESF into a ground where groups can develop common resistance strategies against the global economical, political, social and ecological threats of capitalism. ESF has decided this year’s motto as “Another Europe is necessary!”


The most prominent subject of the organization is Economical and Social Recessions: Resistance and Alternatives. Institutions, movements, trade unions and political parties from different kind of approaches will argue about the global economical crisis and share their struggle experiences.

Environmentalist movements who have participated in Copenhagen and Cochabamba Conferences will also attend the Forum. Groups will gather and discuss their experiences and views under the title of Saving the Planet: Building a sustainable world. ESF 2010 is emphasizing a common challenging against the ‘social and ecological destruction’ and the ‘exploitation of labour and nature’.

ESF is gathering in an environment where Kurdish Issue in Turkey is getting hotter and leaning towards a deadlock.  Forum will organize numerous seminars and events to discuss the Kurdish issue and the ways of solution.

Forum will also protest Turkey and EU’s anti-immigration policies and the fact that thousands of African migrants are getting expelled every year. ESF is demanding “free movement for human” and countering against Europe becoming an enclave.


World March of Women will be organized with the coordination of ESF on June, 30th. The opening ceremony of the ESF will be held after the march. A representative from the march will be talking in the ceremony. One of the main highlights of the ESF is “Equality against the discrimination.”

ESF will start with the opening ceremony on June 30th at Maçka Parkı. In the opening ceremony, a TEKEL worker and representatives from the Greek Social Forum, World March of Women and Mesopotamian Social Forum will give their speeches.

Between July 1st and July 3rd there will be seminars and thematic assemblies. On June 3rd, ESF participants will organize a march starting from Harbiye to Taksim. After the march a concert will be held in Taksim Gezi Parkı for the attendants.

The final declaration will be revealed on July 4th during the Final Assembly.

İstanbul - Labour World