19 August 2010, Thursday

Democratic Society Congress demands autonomous regions and calls for cease fire

Democratic Society Congress organized a two-day meeting and announced a resolution.


There were about 800 delegates in the meeting from political parties, unions, civil society organizations, community leaders, religious organizations as well as journalists, and writers. Co-chair of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), Ahmet Türk read the final resolution of the meeting. Türk said " our organization believes in the democratic and political approaches for the peaceful resolution of the Kurdish problem. We refuse the exclusion of the Kurdish politicians from the process and we ask for the immediate release of the Kurdish politicians that are in jail for months".

Türk stated that the discussions during the meeting focused on possible ways to change the current political atmosphere and to realize a future that is shared by all citizens of Turkey; " In order to change this chaotic environment in which there are funerals almost everyday for the soldiers, police men, guerillas, civilians; in which forests are being burnt down and lynching attempts became so common, we are aware of our own responsibilities, and below are the final decisions of the meetings to find a way out of this environment".


Türk reminded that the current situation was a result of the refusal of the authorities to recognize all the parties involved in the Kurdish problem, and insistence on militaristic methods to solve the problem.  About the constitution referendum Türk said " the reform package that will be voted on September 12th is far away from addressing the current problems of Turkey. Our congress believes that any reform package that won't change the essence of the September 12th constitution is not worth voting either "yes" or "no". Current package does not include any recognition to Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, and Arabs, and other ethic identities such as the Alevis and Ezidis, different belief systems, or laborers. Actually, Kurdish problem is also a constitutional problem, and the resolution of it will also be through changes in the constitution." Türk also mentioned that since a real solution can only be achieved by the participation of Turks, Kurds, and all diverse groups in the process of the preparation of the constitution, BDP would be included in the boycott camp during the referendum.


Ahmet Türk stated that dialogue and negotiations were the only reasonable way to address the Kurdish problem, and also underlined the importance of PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan's role in the process. Türk also announced the Democratic Society Congress's (DTK) call to PKK and Turkish Army to stop the operations.


CO-chair Ahmet Türk also reminded the need for democratic autonomy in the region and said, " our congress emphasizes that the 80 years old strong central authority based administration is not working. Democratic autonomy is the only option that will make sure that the state will be sensitive to organizations and relations that will sustain the democratic structure of the country".

Diyarbakır - Labour World