13 September 2010, Monday

Wide impact of the boycott campaign on the referendum results

Unofficial referendum results are issued on Sunday. Boycott was the dominant choice of voters in certain provinces, while 58 % of the voters said "yes", and "no" votes remained at 42%.

Among 49.5 million voters, 37.3 went to the ballot box while the referendum was boycotted in many provinces. Overall 12.1 voters chose not to vote. In Hakkari, only 7% of the voters voted. In Sirnak, participation remained around 22%. On average, participation in Eastern and South Eastern provinces was about 40%. Following are boycott rates from some of these provinces:

Diyarbakir 64.24 %, Batman 60.63%, Mardin 56.74 %, Van 56.46%, Siirt 49 %, Mus 46 %, Igdir 44.5% , and Agri 43 %.

Compared to the last referendum on the presidential elections, participation was barely more during the constitutional referendum. Peace and Democracy Party's call for boycott has been especially successful at Eastern and South Eastern provinces. While boycott was the primary choice of the voters in provinces like Diyarbakir, Agri, Mus, Ardahan, Kars, Igdir, and Van, participation was highest at Tunceli, Mardin, and Bitlis at Eastern and South Eastern provinces. Boycott was also effective at Istanbul , Mersin, and Adana in neighborhoods that are mostly populated by Kurdish citizens. In the Eastern and South Eastern provinces participation was limited to mostly bureaucrats and security forces that are appointed to the region for temporary service.


After the referendum, constitutional reform package that consists of 16 articles has been accepted. Participation has been highest at some of the Northern East and Black Sea provinces and in Bursa, Antalya, Kayseri, Konya, Eskisehir, Erzurum, Yalova, and Erzincan.


At the Gelincik town of Diyarbakir, none of the 300 registered voters participated at the referendum. At the Dokuzcelik town of Diyarbakir, only 20 of the 900 registered voters went to the ballot box.  In the town of Kizlal, again no body came to the ballot box and 9 village police were the only participants at the referendum despite their lack of relevant official documents.

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