14 October 2010, Thursday

Government mocked us!

'Friends of Hrant Dink' asked questions to the prime ministry, presidency and ministries of Turkey. Recently they explained the response coming from the official bodies. The prime ministry said that 'You should direct your demand to the relevant firm in person'. The response has been interpreted as 'the government mocked us'.

Justice Group for Hrant has applied concerning the neglects in the murder of Hrant Dink (Executive Editor of Agos) to the prime ministry, presidency and ministries of Turkey. The response of official bodies announced with a press release. Umit Kivanc, read the press statement. He stated that the government officials declared that they are upset for the assassination of Dink for several times. Kivanc added that "We asked some questions to the officials hoping that they may bare their souls. They share information with us in order to salve their conscience. On the other hand, in the Turkish constitution there is a right called as the right to information act. We aimed at lessen our anxieties by using our right to information act.

PRESIDENCY: This Issue is Outside of the Board's Authority"

Kivanc reminded the statement of president Abdullah Gul about the assassination of Dink. Abdullah Gul has said that "Unfortunately, Hrant Dink lost his life because the necessary precautions were not taken." The group then asked the president "What were these precautions that have to be taken? Who should have taken these precautions? Did you commence legal proceedings?" They didn't reply our questions.

The group also asked Abdullah Gul if he plans to activate the Presidency's State Audit Board about the issue. They answered that "this issue is outside of the board's authority" and added "Hrant Dink murder is a judicial matter."

PRIME MINISTRY: 'You should direct your demand to the relevant firm in person'

Kivanc stated that they asked questions to the prime ministry saying that " Why MIT had no intelligence on the subject prior to the assassination?" The Prime Ministry has answered this question as: "MIT is an institution which has autonomous status. 'You should direct your demand to the relevant firm in person".

MINISTER OF JUSTICE: "Investigations about judges and prosecutors are secret"

It was asked by th group to the minister of justice that "why legal officials did not take any measures against the nationalist group led by Ergenekon suspect Levent Temiz that organized a protest in 2004 in front of the building of newspaper Agos. The nationalist group has threatened Dink saying that: "From now on, you are the target of our hatred." The minister responsed this question saying that, "Investigations about judges and prosecutors are secret."


Kivanc evaluated the responses as: "I am very sorry about that not being a serious state. We are not a state that deserves to be taken seriously. We are not a constitutional state. We are in building process. We will handle this assassination after 17 years only if God allows." Then, he received the questions of the press members. He claimed that the state mocked them and they don't expect anything from the official bodies anymore. "Our friends are murdered. We want justice" he added.

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