12 November 2010, Friday

Petition and Court Case for the TV Show 'Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?' (What's Fatmagül's Crime)

A group of women organizations started a petition campaign against the TV show 'Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?' arguing that the show justified rape and violence against women. The group will also go to the court for the same reasons.

On November 25th, during the day of Fighting with Violence Against Women in Adana, members of the Women's Platform started a petition to cancel the TV show 'Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?'  A representative of the Platform Reyhan Kayışlı claimed that there has been an increase in violence against women since the show started and continued, " this show almost justifies rape, and the similarities between the recent rape cases and the plot of the show proves that". Men also signed the petition.


Meanwhile, a group of women organizations filed a criminal complaint in Izmir against TV Channel Habertürk and program producer Ali Poyrazoğlu for airing a video that taunted the rape scene in the show, and also the newspaper Habertürk for publishing a news article titled " Fatmagül's Panties".

Lawyer Nazan Sakallı stated " Since violence against women in Turkey is invisible, the way that this show is served to the public is arousing the appetite of men who believe rape is a part of sexuality. I want to make it clear that we, women, do not find rape fun, or sexy, or, erotic. We don't laugh at it, it does not excite us, and we do not enjoy it".

Addressing the women cast and the woman director of the show, Sakalli continued, "We expect you to react to the way this show is served to the public, just because of concerns on ratings. We want to hear your voice next to us".