08 October 2010, Friday

Universities turned into police stations

High Education Board (YOK) that is the 'regulatory organization' of all universities in Turkey issued a new circular to be applied in the universities. Although it's named as 'Circular for Free and Secure University', YOK demanded a place for the secret polices who will be appointed to the universities through the circular.

YOK sent this circular to the 81 governorships via the General Directorate of Security Affairs.

The circular signed by the chairman of YOK, Yusuf Ziya Ozcan include articles that remit the police forces and secret polices in the university campuses. The circular also includes new arrangements about camera and finger print system. Thanks to the circular that 'liberalize' the universities, there will be places for the secret polices in the campuses. Thus, the existence of the secret police in the universities will be legitimized.


Student organizations and professors interpret this circular as "an arrangement turning universities into police stations." They see the circular as the heritage of coup d'etat in 1980. YOK carried out the torture to the university campuses gradually and they say that "Good luck with free police stations."

Student organizations agree that the process that turning the universities into police is coming to a head via this circular. Eren Can from the Student Collectives states that security measures are increasing incrementally. He evaluates this new arrangement proves the disguise of the freedom discourse of AKP (Justice and Development Party). Can said that "They don't aim to make the universities secure places, they just want to form control mechanism inside universities".


A representative from Youth Culture Center, Bayram Alci evaluated the new circular as not for liberating but for threatening. According to him, new arrangements especially aim at opposition of Kurdish students.

A representative from Youth Federation, Safak Yayla said that "Secret police will have a right entering the university campuses after the issue of the circular without needing permission from the university rectorates. They will blacklist the students easily for their opinions".


A representative from the Youth Union affiliated to DISK, Aylin Mert pointed out to the police station projects in the universities for 30 years beginning from the coup d'etat in 1980. Mert said that "This system aims to threaten and control the students. We could evaluate this circular as the reflection of the oppressive mentality of the political power."


Rector of Yıldız Technical University Prof. Ayhan Alkis evaluated the circular as 'oppressive and operational'.  Alkis also stated that they need security forces in universities for various problems, but they didn't need secret polices till today. He added that "In case of a security problem, the rectors would demand secret polices in campuses. But, they aim to organize the existence of secret polices in the long run."

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